The fun and efficient way to motivate your kids to do chores!

fun and efficient

Research shows that implementing habit loops for children is effective, fostering positive behaviors through consistent cues, routines, and rewarding outcomes, promoting lasting habits.

stop nagging

We minimizes the need for constant reminders, creating a smoother experience for both you and your child by fostering responsibility and independence effortlessly

stay motivated

We make it easy for your child to form habits using game-like features and reminders

stop nagging today


Habit Owl eliminates conflicts and stress with my son. No more nagging, the app manages tasks seamlessly!
Parenting is easier with Habit Owl. The app's positive feedback turned chores into a joy for my child, and the animals adds an exciting element.
My kids love it! The reward system is fantastic, and now they brush their teeth without any reminders!

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